It's all too easy to procrastinate or say "I'll do it later" to the challenges we face every day. This isn't new, and neither is part of the solution.

Me? My recent struggles are with writing and documenting. Putting pen to paper. It takes a little more self control than I'd like, but making the first step is always going to be the key. This never changes, no matter how we'd prefer otherwise. In time, learn to dismiss that discomfort. Deny it that lease on real-estate in your brain.

Maybe you just open up the editor and stare at the blinking cursor to start. Maybe jot down just one word, or pick up where you left off if you can. Decide to make forward motion intentionally. One small step, right away.

Made that one step? Great! Then you know you're capable enough to make another. Keep them small and keep them manageable so you aren't overwhelmed. Don't focus on the forest when the tree in front of you is all that matters. 🌳

Rinse and repeat enough times and you've forgotten that you needed to force yourself into what you're doing.


And if you just won't do it? Commit to—at the very least—asking yourself "why not now?" as often as you can immediately after. Answer the question honestly and process that answer for a minute. Truly think it through.

How long you can handle disappointing yourself?