You know that feeling. Finally sending that text or e-mail you've been avoiding completely since god-knows-when?

Drafting it was a struggle at first, but damnit you eventually found the will to call a version of it 'good enough' to consider hitting send. You completely overthought it at the start, but eventually the words started flowing. (In the end it wasn't all so painful.)

There's that instant adrenaline rush while passing the point of no return, but it's followed quickly by relief. You did what you need to do and the difficult part is in the past. Whatever might happen next could be important, but it can wait (as can giving curiosities about that too much real estate in your head.)

For now, it's done. 🍻 And victories deserve celebration, size be damned.

TL;DR → Add some joy to otherwise casual accomplishments when they've been weighing on you. Don't feel strange rewarding yourself for making that git push you put some extra hours into. For finally picking a version of your ever-evolving résumé to provide a potential employer. For perfecting that p.i.t.a. report you just handed in for school.

Small victories are what it's about. Celebrate (or relax) appropriately.